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Traveling is stressful to the body. Carrying luggage, sitting for long periods, switching between time zones....

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Ever thought about doing Yoga to compliment your cycling?

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Have you tried the Freestyler yet?  The unique design gives you an amazing all round work out and with the added benefit of loads of training material, the fun is endless! I have to say that we had a lot of fun when U Magazine came to do an interview with us last week, and even took part in a trial session on the Freestyler!

Sports Soho 2013

September 15, 2013


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Spiked Roller Massager in Use!We had a great time at the Sports Soho event this year - we met lots of great people and saw some fantastic presentations. We were particularly impressed by the Hong Kong Aerial Arts Academy. 

With lots of runner in attendance, the massage and myofascial release products were in high demand - in particular, the T8 Spiked Roller massager was a big hit! For those of you that suffer from aches and pains in your legs or knees as a result of running, you might want to make sure you get yourself a foam roller or a roller massager - they are extremely versatile and superb for releasing tension in the muscles. You can find out downloadable user guide here.

For experienced runners looking for that extra edge, here is a great article from Iso Fit on Pilates for running with a specific focus on running uphill.

Looking forward to taking part next year!

We are excited to announce the the CoreFitnessRoller® is coming to Hong Kong, and the first courses will be hosted at Iso Fit. The foundation and the dance conditioning course will be hosted at Iso Fit on the weekend of the 11/12 May 2013. 

CoreFitnessRoller® (CFR) reinforces core stabilization and dynamic movement by integrating vertical and horizontal balance challenge for unique total body workouts. This portable machine offers versatility for clients of all fitness levels and allows for limitless programming including Pilates, multiplanar training, barefoot benefits, intensive core work, cardio, strength, and self-myofascial release. The CFR has been hailed by leading fitness professionals as the "most innovative fitness product in decades."

Anybody who takes the courses will also be entitled to a great discount on the CFR Pro Package product!

You can find out more about the courses here - http://www.isofit.com.hk/news/core-fitness-roller-new-in-hong-kong


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