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T8 Fitness home of ToeSox Hong Kong (Toe Socks). An online store, we also sell Fitness products, Rehab Products as well as Yoga and Pilates Products and Machines. 

T8 Fitness is a young, creative and extremely motivated company with a passion for fitness and innovation. Born in 2011, in Hong Kong, we noticed a void in the availability of your basic Yoga and Pilates equipment and accessories in the region despite a rapidly growing demand for such products in both the fitness and rehab industry. We were often asked "Where can I buy a yoga mat in Hong Kong?" or "Do you know where I can get a foam roller online for home delivery?"   A lot of hard work and much brainstorming later, we started - and continue - to research, source and develop fitness and rehab products that meet our always demanding and ever rising standards.

Admittedly, a part of us as would like to keep our products secret for only ourselves to enjoy, however we realise that a) selfishness is not a virtue and b) that is completely against our company philosophy of offering cutting edge products to new and growing markets. With that in mind, T8 aims to offer a range of equipment solutions to solve your Pilates and Yoga needs. Our fitness and rehab products are made to the highest standard and we pride ourselves on serving the customer with the aim to enhance physical wellbeing in an enjoyable way. 

We are based in Hong Kong but have contacts across Asia and around the world.

Remember, we want you to have fun while you further your life physically and mentally so please browse our shop with that in mind - comment, discuss, make suggestions, yell and scream at us.....or simply get in contact with any queries you might have.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide people with the means to meet their health objectives and to lead a more active and productive life.
  • To put our clients first and to ensure that our products and services always represent the best value to fulfill their needs.
  • To bring new and exciting solutions to exercising in Asia and Worldwide.
  • To be ethical in our dealings and to maintain eco-friendly standards in our products.

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