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The much anticipated new Spring 2019 ToeSox and Tavi Noir Collections are finally here! 

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ToeSox Grip Socks Hong Kong

ToeSox, the global leader in premium five toe grip socks, sport socks and sandals, announced the launch of its highly-anticipated Fall 2017 Collection.

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Take advantage of our Holiday Discount!
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ToeSox - Feel your floor!

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Don't forget if you aren't sure about any of our products or need some advice then please get in touch!


Kung Hei Fat Choy - the whole team at T8 Fitness wishes you a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the horse! 

From now until the end of Friday the 8th of February, enjoy a 10% discount on all products, by using the discount code "horse"!

"Horse people are active and energetic, and the Horse symbolizes such character traits as strength, energy, and an outgoing nature. Horses are extremely intelligent so they're able to grasp new subjects with ease."

It's time to use some of that energy to help incorporate exercise into our everyday routine! Wishing you a great year, and see you all

We are making it easy to stay fit during the holidays with our holiday discount! Just use the promotion code "christmas2013" at checkout to enjoy a 10% discount! Whether you are buying for yourself, a friend, or family, make sure to take advantage of the discount from now until the end of December 2013!

Hey guys...It's Typhoon 8, so guess what?? DISCOUNT TIME!!! For the next 24 hours you will get 10% off when you order online, just enter the product code "Typhoon 8" at check out!!! . 

We are excited to announce the the CoreFitnessRoller® is coming to Hong Kong, and the first courses will be hosted at Iso Fit. The foundation and the dance conditioning course will be hosted at Iso Fit on the weekend of the 11/12 May 2013. 

CoreFitnessRoller® (CFR) reinforces core stabilization and dynamic movement by integrating vertical and horizontal balance challenge for unique total body workouts. This portable machine offers versatility for clients of all fitness levels and allows for limitless programming including Pilates, multiplanar training, barefoot benefits, intensive core work, cardio, strength, and self-myofascial release. The CFR has been hailed by leading fitness professionals as the "most innovative fitness product in decades."

Anybody who takes the courses will also be entitled to a great discount on the CFR Pro Package product!

You can find out more about the courses here - http://www.isofit.com.hk/news/core-fitness-roller-new-in-hong-kong


Christmas 2012

December 01, 2012


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Stay fit during the holiday season!

Everyone always makes a new years resolution of starting fresh and losing weight....well we are taking preemptive action! Get the equipment now and stay fit throughout the Holiday period!! With our selection of home products, we are making it easy for you to stay in shape.

Home Workout

T8 Fitness was recently featured in the SCMP, giving recomendations on working out at home and the best products to have for a home gym - check out the article here, or read more below. 

Christmas Promotion

....Because we know how hard it is to resist that extra serving of Christmas pudding, we are making it easier for your to stay fit during the holidays! From now until the end of December 2012, enter the discount code "Christmas2012" and receive a 5% Discount*  as well as Free Delivery within Hong Kong! 

(*not including any of the Exercise Machines, please contact us for details)

New Products - Blast those calories with some of our new machines!

We are pleased to be able to offer a new range of cardio machines, perfect for blasting those holiday calories away! Adding to the fun is our new range of foam rollers, including the innovative Y-Roller.... your IT Band will thank you!!. Also look out for our new Balance Ball - a lot of people have been asking about this product, which we are happy to now have in stock. Between our Christmas promotion and new products, finding a gift for a friend or a loved just got a lot easier!


Check out some of our new instructional articles - the exercise of the month shows just how versatile a resistance band can be!

The X20 elliptical trainer is loaded with high-quality comfort features. Overlapping pedals and a flatter ellipse truly replicate a natural walking or running motion. The stationary handlebars feature contoured heart rate grips for easy checks of your heart rate.

T8 Fitness brings you The Y Roller!! A fantastic new roller design that will attack those tight spots like never before!!
• Dual or single ridge option offers a targeted aggressive massage.
• Ability to roll in between ridges for a less aggressive, moderate massage.



Lateral Raise
Check out this exercise - a great way to work out and tone the shoulders!


Exercise at Home - what products should I have to get a good all round workout?

The best equipment to have at home can be as simple as a kettlebell set, some resistance bands/tubes, a foam roller and a fitball. A suitably weighted kettlebell can be used to perform an amazing full body workout which will shed pounds while building muscle. Starting simply with kettlebell swings can really get the heart pumping. The resistance bands are fantastically versatile and allow you to perform any number of resistance exercises that can either be part of a workout or just used for flexibility and stretching, Finally, and often over looked, the foam roller is a vital tool to have in the home. So many exercises can be performed using a foam roller but its biggest strength is in massage and pain relief. Using the foam roller for just 5 mins a day can significantly remove tension that often plagues people without them really understanding it!

Depending on space and budget, other good cardio, calorie burning options are an exercise bike or a cross trainer.....READ MORE