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ToeSox, Tavi Noir, Tavi Apparel, Disney as well as Base for Men! All the Spring 2021 collections are finally here! Read More

Spring 2020 is here - Toesox, Tavi Noir and Base!

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The much anticipated new Spring 2019 ToeSox and Tavi Noir Collections are finally here! 

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 T8 Fitness is excited to be partnering with Johnson Fitness, who have just opened their first store in Hong Kong! I visited the opening on Saturday the 29th September - check out some photos here . 

If you have time, you should swing by to check it out - they are located at 67C, Shing Woo Rd, Happy Valley, just a short walk from the race track. 

T8 Fitness is proud to bring you our new range of clothing -We’ve teamed up with Carrot, Banana & Peach to bring an exclusive range of organic wear for all your workout needs!

Carrot, Banana & Peach's philosophy is rooted in all things natural. Advocating natural and sustainable fabrics with breathabilty, elegant styling and beautifying colours. Check out the high quality and eco-friendly clothes to brighten your workout today!!  And don't forget our special Christmas Holiday deal of Free Shipping and 10% Off All Products, what better way to start the year looking and feeling great during your workouts!

Happy Holidays everybody!

New Products!

September 08, 2011

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Launch   News  

As promised, we have introduced some new products to our website! A lot of people have been asking us for different types of foam rollers (different colors, sizes, material, shape...). Its tough to please you all but we are well on our way! Check out our Typhoon 3 Foam Rollers which we have in embossed blue, and Marble colours. We also have them in 3 different sizes now (12", 18" and 36"), with the smaller ones great for use at home as well as for travel - check them out!

We are also excited to introduce WAGS gloves to Asia - so many cool things to say about these gloves, so just visit the page to found out otherwise I will be here all day!

Unfortunately for those of us sitting at a computer for most of the day, neck and back pain is a constant companion. If that is the case, you must check out the Acuball - Portable and heatable (!), this is the perfect product for those that suffer from tight muscles (most of us!).

That's it for now - keep writing in to let us know the types of products you are looking for....or just to say hi...

We are now live!

April 12, 2011

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After many months of hard work we are now live and ready to take your order!!

Everybody please browse our site and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

Please give us any and all feedback, we are always willing to improve and help you in the best way possible!

Thanks and Enjoy!

Chris and Ash

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