June 30, 2016


Traveling is stressful to the body. Carrying luggage, sitting for long periods, switching between time zones and the hours spent in a dry, pressurized cabin environment all place different kinds of stress on your joints and organs. Add to that the mental stress of presenting yourself at your best when you’re on the road and not necessarily f your best, and the result is often illness or injury, if not right away then often upon your return home. Fortunately there are many steps we can take to ensure our bodies are well prepared for travel and the demands it places on us.

Here is a great article from Iso Fit with some tips for travelers -

There are also some must have accessories to have with you while you travel:


Whether it is the Acuball, Acuball Mini, or the Acuback, these are all great products for releasing the usual tension and kinks in the body produced by travelling!

Magic Back Support

The back and neck often take the brunt of the damage while travelling - make sure to look after your back and posture with the Magic Back support!


Although this might seem out of place on this list, our Grip socks are extremely useful while on the road. Small and easy to pack, it also means that you are able to perform your stretches on any surface without needing a mat!

Enjoy your summer!

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