Foam Roller Exercises and Techniques (Part 1) 按摩滾筒的練習和技巧(一)

July 12, 2011 1 Comment

As useful and versatile as they are, Foam Rollers are slowly starting to get the recognition they deserve. We know you know you need one. However we also know you may not know how to use one (how many times did we just use the word "know"?) ! Here are some great tips courtesy of the Foam Roller Guide (and a useful video from Kinetic Fitness in the UK):

Hip Roll

Lie on your left side and put the foam roller under you hip. Now, use your elbow for balance, placing it firmly on the floor. Initially, both your legs should be extended straight towards the floor. Then, slowly bend your right knee and bend it over the right leg, placing the foot just in front of the right one. You’ll find that this is the most comfortable position you can get and once you’re happy with the way things are, slowly roll your hip up and down the roller. The movements should encompass your hip and upper thigh area. For the right hip, just flip over and reverse the position. You should be able to roll for about two or three minutes every day.

Back Roll

This one is the most basic exercise for the foam roller and could give the most benefit after a long day of hard work. Clear an area off the floor and put your foam roller in the place of your choice. Now, lie on it with your back and slowly move up and down so that the foam would distribute pressure all over your tissues and muscles.

Triceps Stretch

For this exercise, you’ll be improving your balance as well as your triceps. First off, sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. Your hands should be stretch out at your back, helping you maintain balance. However, it would not be placed on the floor but on the foam roller. With your hands on the foam roller, tighten your core, extend your arms and lift yourself off the floor. Make sure that your shoulders don’t contract, keeping it straight and in line with your hands.

For the upper part of your arms, try doing push ups while holding on to the foam roller.

由於按摩滾筒的實用和耐用性高,慢慢地受到專業的認可。我們相信您也需要一個,只是您可能不知道如何正確地使用。在這裡有一些不錯的秘訣教您如何善用按摩滾筒(還有英國的Kinetic Fitness所分享的實用視頻):









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October 02, 2011

God, I feel like I sohlud be takin notes! Great work

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