HOW TO PREVENT AND TREAT SCOLIOSIS With Pilates and Physiotherapy 如何預防和治療脊柱側彎 普拉提與物理治療

May 02, 2014

Courtesy of  ISO Fit Studio

Scoliosis is a common medical condition where a person’s spine is curved like an “S” or “C” shape. A healthy spine should be a straight line but due to inheritance or bad posture, this condition is commonly found curved.

Scolosis is usually found in youths, predominately females. According to the HK Department of Health, a survey conducted in 2006/07, there are 16.7% students are suffering from Scoliosis, compared to a survey in 1999/00, there is a 7% increase.

There are generally three causes of Scoliosis, which are Congenital (inborn), Neuromuscular and Idiopathic. Congenital scoliosis happens due to the formation of the spine bones during development in the womb. Neuromuscular scoliosis is caused by problems such as poor muscle control, muscle weakness or paralysis. Idiopathic scoliosis is an unknown cause yet the most common type in youths.

Although Idiopathic scoliosis seems to be the least disruptive to our daily lives, the effects of this condition could start from a simple back pain which could easily escalate to diminishing lung function due to the distortion and stiffness of the rib cage. Other complications of scoliosis include low back arthritis and pain as an adult; respiratory problems; self-image – the asymmetry of the trunk will look awkward.

To prevent scoliosis from worsening or to improve the condition, there are a few different options. Posture training such as Pilates acts as an important role in prevention and treatment of scoliosis. Pilates helps slow down curving of the spine by strengthening their core muscles. When these muscles are strong, they help lengthen the spine and improve posture. This will help individuals understand how the body works, increasing awareness of the weaker parts of the body.

Physiotherapy exercises can also help with the prevention of scoliosis. A well-trainedphysiotherapist will be able to assess and classify curve patterns. Performing correct breathing and strengthening exercises will help with the individual’s alignment.

Simple exercises can be done at Iso Fit, at home or even at the office to help to strengthen the correct muscle and improve alignment.







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