Pilates Mat Exercise (普拉提墊的訓練)

May 05, 2011 1 Comment

Hi all,

As you may know, Polestar Pilates Asia recently hosted a Pilates and Somatic Movement Conference in Hong Kong (beginning of April 2011). T8 Fitness were proud to be one of the sponsors and we had a great time - as you can tell from the pictures of us posing on Facebook!
We were fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time with Deborah Lessen while she was here for the conference (Pilates Expert and Former President of the Pilates Method Alliance). We took the opportunity to pick her brains a little bit about Pilates Exercise on the Mat:

It's very important, says Deborah Lessen, that we pay attention to the details right from the "get-go". This means making sure that we move well in the beginning of a session and make initial relationships. I (and you) know from personal experience that mind and body needs to be focused and in sync right from the start of your session in order to get the maximum benefit from your training. For this reason, Deborah recommends the following three exercises to get any mat session off to a good start.......READ ARTICLE

Are you T8 Fit? Give some of these exercises a go and you will be well on your way!



不知您是否知道,亞洲Polestar普拉提最近在香港舉行了普拉提和身體運動大會(2011年4月開始)。T8 Fitness很榮幸能成為贊助商之一,當日我們都有一個很愉快的時間– 您可以從我們的Facebook上的照片看到!

我們很幸運地在大會內花了相當多的時間與Deborah Lessen(普拉提專家、普拉提方法聯盟前主席)談話。我們因此與她對普拉提墊訓練的想法更接迎了點:




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October 01, 2011

I rcekon you are quite dead on with that.

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