R8-Pro Pilates Reformer by Align Pilates

R8-Pro Pilates Reformer in Hong Kong

The R8-Pro is our new entry level light commercial Reformer launching in late 2023.

The R8 stands for Retro (8 wheel) as the Reformer has been designed to replicate many features of Joseph Pilates’s original “classic Reformers”. This includes the carriage and foot bar distances, carriage dimensions, spring bar positions, foot bar height, and Reformer height. Whilst the R8-Pro uses height-adjustable rope risers and our Silent Ropes instead of leather straps, the design ensures the pulley position closely resembles that of a classic machine.

Despite these classic features, the R8-Pro is a contemporary Reformer which has been designed with 4 foot bar heights, including a flat position and many rapid adjustment systems.

The R8-Pro comes with 4 Springs, but uniquely has the option (and space) for adding a 5th spring should you wish. It also includes our patented Rapid Change spring bar with 3 Spring Bar positions for quick and seamless carriage position adjustments. The R8-Pro ropes can also be quickly adjusted using our Pro Rope adjusters that conveniently sit behind the shoulder rests.

The R8 is our first Reformer in a “light commercial” category, meaning it’s ideal for both home studios or those commercial set ups with light usage. For a full list of differences, please refer to our Reformer Comparison on our website, but please note that this Reformer cannot accommodate a Half Cadillac Tower. The R8 Pro warranty covers domestic usage and includes limited light commercial usage — up to 20 hours per week. This Reformer also has a user weight limit of 120Kg. For a full breakdown please see the warranty.

This is an incredibly compact Reformer which does not sacrifice on quality or performance. You can free-stand the R8 Pro with an optional Jump Board, and it’s portable too with wheels to reposition or move, meaning it’s a great choice for a multi-purpose Studio.

Overall, the R8-Pro is the best value light commercial Reformer on the market. Its appreciation of classic Pilates Reformer geometry — combined with ease of use, longer travel, and a wider range of adjustments to suit different body shapes and sizes — makes this a great all round Reformer and a modern take on a classic theme.

Product Details

  • Brand: Align-Pilates
  • Dimensions: 248cm (L) × 67cm (W) × 23cm (H)
  • Weight: 59.1kg


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