Which Foam Roller?

Foam Rollers Hong Kong

So we’ve told you foam rollers are good for you, but which one should you buy?

Well, here at T8 Fitness we know that everybody is different, with different needs, so we’ve got many types for you to choose from - we’ve got you covered!

Which length should I get?

The standard size of a foam roller is 36x6 inches. This length allows you to perform exercises and stretches lying length ways, with the roller along the length of your spine. However for travel purposes, better storage options, or if you only want to use the roller primarily for tissue massage, the 18x6 inch or 12x6 inch roller may be the better option. Rollers that are 4 inch in diameter are also available - these offer a slightly deeper massage and are easy to store or transport. 

So, which type is for me?

The primary questions to ask are:

  • What is my budget? Not all foam rollers are created equally! Price will vary between rollers. 
  • How often will I be using the roller? If more often, you will want to go for one the EVA or the EPP foam rollers due to their better restorative properties. 
  • What will I use the roller for? If it is for massage and accessing trigger points, then the density of the roller becomes a factor. If it is mainly for balance, core and proprioceptive exercises, then density is less of a factor.

    Our Typhoon 1 Foam Roller is made from white EPE foam, which is durable and reasonably long lasting (We use these at home and they last a number of years). 

    Foam Roller ExerciseThe Typhoon 3 Foam Roller is made from EVA (closed cell) foam which is of a higher density and so is even longer lasting and has better restorative properties i.e. It retains it’s shape better.  Our customers usually prefer the Typhoon 3 Rollers due to this reason and the 'higher' quality finish as you can see in the photos, but this also means that the price is a bit higher.

    The Typhoon 3 EPP Foam Roller is made of a harder foam than the EPE and so has a much firmer feel. Customers and users like this roller if they have particularly achy areas and want a more 'aggressive' massage. 

    T8 Fitness Hollow Foam Roller is made of hard plastic with a soft coating, meaning it can be used for the deepest massage.

    The Y-Roller is a specially designed foam roller with a variety of ridges allowing a targeted aggressive massage. The ridge structure facilitates three different types of massage.

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