Magic Back Support

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The Magic Back Support is designed to make stretching your back easy, safe, affordable and enjoyable. This back stretching device is an excellent way to enhance your life. It"s a convenient and easy-to-use treatment and preventative care product and can be enjoyed by all ages and occupations. Here are just some of the benefits users love to tell us about:

  • Reduced Back Pain
  • Improved Posture 
  • Enhanced Flexibility

Compact and portable, Its multi-level design allows you to work up to a greater stretch when you are ready. And it just feels so good....

Including a DVD and Strap (extremely useful for using as a back support on a chair!):

1. Magic Back Support - Original

  • Smooth surface, sometimes people just prefer the original!


How to use:

Basic Use:

Start in the level 1 position and progress to level 2 and 3 over time when you feel more comfortable.

1. Sit with your back at the base of the support

Slowly lie back onto the arch with your knees bent. The wide end of the unit should be closest to you. Try to centre your spine in the slot (the space in the middle of the arch), is this will be more comfortable for you.

Recommendation: You may want to place a pillow beneath your head for added comfort.

Stretch Options:

2. Basic Stretch

With your knees bent, keep your arms at your sides. This position is the easiest to do and is recommended for beginners. If a greater stretch is desired, proceed to the following positions.


3. Medium Level Stretch

Raise your arms over your head and shoulders and slowly try to get them as close to the floor as you can – make sure not to force your body into a position that is uncomfortable. As your body improves over time, you will be able to fully rest your arms and elbows on the floor.  


4. Advanced Stretch

Extend your legs and arms fully, as shown in the photo. This is the most advanced position and you will be able to feel your back, shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles stretching – as mentioned before, do not force your body to stretch further than is comfortable.

Looking for new Positions to try? How about these….

1. Arm Stretch

Extend your arms out to your side – play around with different angles and positions in order to feel different stretches. Your body will tell you where it needs stretching!           

2. Thoracic Stretch

Slide the further up your back to target the thoracic region. This is great for the upper back and really helps with posture. It is recommended to use Level 1 for this stretch.


Thanks again for taking this simple step toward improving the quality of your life with the magic back support from T8 Fitness. Incorporate it into a consistent routine to achieve the best results!

For all you office workers out there use the strap to attach the support to your office chair. This will help you to maintain good posture throughout the day. The level 1 position is recommended for this.

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