Happy Toes

Mysore Yoga Accessories Happy Toes offers many benefits for our feet. Used regularly Happy Toes actually realigns bones and soft tissue. Happy Toes helps to heal bunions and hammer toes and improves circulation. It helps to relax tired and swollen feet and aids the toes in operating independently.

Come in two densities. Firm are a dense material for maximum durability and spreading. The Soft Happy Feet are great for beginner's, all day/all night use and use during yoga practice. 

This high-quality product is made from sturdy yet supple silicone rubber for maximum comfort and durability. It can be washed with gentle soap in warm water. Happy Toes are made to fit women's feet sized 7 and above and men's feet sized 11 and down. Softer Happy Toes may be preferred for walking and doing yoga in them and wearing for periods of more than 30 minutes at a time. 

Each pair of Happy Toes comes with its own carrying pouch and benefits list. To achieve and maintain your maximum foot health purchase a pair today.

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