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Pilates Trapeze Table

The T8 Trapeze Table is the most vital and versatile machine in any Pilates Studio. 

Giving you the freedom to conduct a huge range of Pilates exercises, our trap tables are perfect if you are looking to expand your studio or even if you need a unit for your home.

The pack includes: 

  • Anodized aluminium frame and bars
  • Comfortable padded trapeze bar with spring and collars
  • Solid roll-down bar
  • Trapeze springs: 2 very light, 2 medium and 2 heavy
  • Push-through bar with safety strap
  • Long springs: 2 very light and 2 medium
  • 1 pair of triple D-Ring cotton loops, 1 pair of fuzzies, 1 pair of single loops, 2 Stability slings and a pair of foot straps
  • Padded foot stopper

Overall size: Height 218cm 

Bed: 70cm x 62cm x 218cm

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