C2 Pro Pilates Half Cadillac & Reformer Bundle by Align Pilates

Pilates Half Cadillac & Reformer in Hong Kong

Save some money by buying the C2 Pro Reformer complete with half cadillac, leg extensions, frame sitting box, mat converter, platform extender & 60" maple gondola pole. For more details please follow these links:

C2 Pro Reformer 
Half Cadillac

      Optional Extras

      • Low leg set 28cm height
      • Rehab leg set 64cm height 

      Availability and Delivery:

      This product is often finished to order, therefore can take 4-6 weeks depending on availability. Please contact us to confirm.

      This product is delivered on a pallet and therefore must have suitable access for van or lorry deliveries. Shipping is to Ground Floor and doesn't include unboxing or installation. In order to fit in the lift the machine may need to be taken out of the box and transported upright (2 people needed).

      For recommended maintenance & cleaning please visit the Align-Pilates Resources page and view the Align-Pilates Routine Safety & Maintenance Guide

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