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Pilates Group Reformer

The group reformer is perfect for classes, giving you room to fit everyone in. Easily stored (both vertically and horizontally) this product offers great options for the group environment. 
The pack includes: 

  • Foldable feet for easy storage
  • A pair of pulleys
  • A pair of triple D-Ring cotton loops, a pair of double loops and foot straps
  • Smooth wheel system
  • 1 strong, 2 medium and 2 light springs
  • Adjustable padded metal foot bar 
  • A pair of adjustable, quick release shoulder rests
  • Whole unit will folds flat and store in slots in the frame
  • Includes the jump board and box

Overall size: 2.36m x 67cm
Carriage: 91cm x 59cm
Height from floor: 38cm (small feet), 48 cm (large feet)
Weight: 71kg

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