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MG-A82 Multi-Adjustable Weight Bench

The MG-A82 offers a durable, compact and sturdy design. The seat and backrest combined provide proper ergonomics for multiple flat and incline exercise variations. The dense pads are durable and will last through thousands of sets! 

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable back pad with 8 positions from 0 to 75 degrees
  • Low 46 cm / 17.8” floor-to-pad height minimizes lower back stress and prevents arching
  • Seat automatically adjusts with the back pad for ease of use
  • Wide back pad stabilizes users during heavy lifts
  • Molded guards protect high wear / scuff areas
  • Transport handle and integrated wheels simplify movement within facility

Low Bench Height
46 cm / 17.8" floor-to-pad height minimizes
lower back stress and prevents arching. 

High Load Rating
Max User Weight 185.75 kg / 350 lbs.
Max Training Weight 272 kg / 600 lbs.

8 Levels of Adjustment
8 different angle adjustments including
a low 15Ëš adjustment increase exercise
variability (0Ëš, 15Ëš, 25Ëš, 35Ëš, 45Ëš, 55Ëš,
65Ëš and 75Ëš).

Synchronized Pad Movement
Seat and back pad move in unison,
minimizing adjustments and providing
the perfect seat-to-pad angle at
each setting.

Back Pad Mounting Tabs
Back pad bolted off the frame's center
provides wider support, increases stability
during use and prevents future pad flex.

Minimal Pad Gap
Less than 2.5 cm / 1" of space between
seat and back pad increases comfort.

Frame Guards
Bolted-on end caps with durable frame
covers prevent frame damage.

Tapered Back Pad
Increased width at the shoulders provides
added stability during lifts.

Transport Wheels & Angled
Movement Handle
Transport wheels and ergonomic front
handle help to easily move the bench
around a facility.


Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 152 x 78 x 46 cm / 59.7” x 30.6” x 17.8”
Product Weight 55 kg / 121.5 lbs
Max User Weight 159 kg / 350 lbs
Max Training Weight 272 kg / 600 lbs.
Frame and welds (not coatings) 10 years
Weight Stacks 5 years
Pulleys & Pivot Bearings 5 years
Other Items Not Specified 3 years
Labor 3 years
Upholstery/cables/grips/springs 1 year
Accessories 6 months

This product is subject to availability and may take a 3-6 weeks from order for delivery.

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