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Sneaker Sheets

Fresh Shoes all the time!! An organic long lasting way to breathe life into footwear!

T8 Fitness Introduces a new organic way to keep your shoes smelling fresh - Sneaker Sheets! Using Cleansport NXT technology these specially designed insoles have organic microbes that turn all smells ESPECIALLY sweaty smells into odourless by-product!

It’s not the accident, sweat, spills or other organic materials that cause the smell. It’s the bacteria acting on it. They are everywhere and they like to eat. The bacteria decompose the organic material but are not very efficient in doing so. The partially digested organic material left behind is what causes the odour.

Mother Nature works for us.


CLEANSPORT NXT employs one of Mother Nature’s processes that has been a part of the earth’s cycle since the Big Bang. Microbes are all around us and help remove biodegradable waste from rivers, streams and lakes. They are used to assist in sewage treatment plants and in oil spill cleanups. Very safe. Very effective. 


Through research and testing, we selected her most efficient eaters. They love all things organic and their blends are optimized based on the final end use. As soon as the fabric comes in contact with sweat, this microscopic team creates enzymes to digest it. All they leave behind is odorless water and carbon dioxide (H2O and CO2).


Our patented methods either bond billions of our specially selected microbes to every square inch of fabric or encapsulate them within various thermo-plastics

Trade Secret

Our microbes are naturally occurring and are not GMOs. We collect them from the environment And they are screened for their odor mitigation capabilities based on the specific application in question.

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